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Here’s our Program Director talking about the idea behind PurpleSynapz™ and how it came into being, while he sheds some light on the Purple Team and Cyber Range.

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If you have a great aptitude to learn and an even greater thirst to innovate, we have a unique platform that can transform you from a novice to the next “doyen” of Cyber Security.  We provide the best curriculum with advanced lab. Our trainers have experience solving the most complicated security problems.  Moreover, the fulcrum of our training methodology is resting on the “Research” approach deploying Machine Learning, Applied Math, and Product Engineering.

Our Modules

We offer 18 different Cyber Security and Networking modules related to Security Control and Analytics, Forensics, Red Team tools, and much more.

Levels of Training

Now that you have some information about our Cyber Security program, we help you with training opportunities at the right level. No matter your expertise, you will fit in one of our level - Beginner, Intermediate and Expert

Love Games and Simulation?

Experience unique simulation-based infosec gaming exercises built by the Purple Team of QOS Technology .

You will also have access to our fun and competitive learning using our Cyber Range - Powered by Cyberbit, Israel

Work on Live Projects

You have the opportunity to work on live projects of the parent company - QOS Technology. This can help you understand how the real world operates and what you will encounter in the real-setup.

Education Loan Facility

We also offer Educational Loan Support to eligible students to enroll in any of the courses offered by PurpleSynapz™.

Offering world’s most advanced Cyber Range platform

As our slogan states, Security is playing a game, you will experience that our Cyber Security learning programs are built like a game, giving every trainee an opportunity to compete with other trainees in a sophisticated Cyber Range. Our programs are modeled for learning in a fun and competitive way.

Enroll now to build your abilities by combating real-life attacks which will help you move ahead and stay ahead always!

Our Training & Research

Our curriculum has been incorporated with decades of customer learning’s of our experts from our parent company- QOS Technology, and enhanced with intelligence from Cyber Range powered by Cyberbit, Israel.

Experience a hyper-realistic lab setup, modern curriculum, and advanced teaching methodology. Enroll now to take your career in Cyber Security to greater heights.

Explore Our Courses


As a graduate trainee, you have access to our Innovation Sandbox to transform your spunky Cyber Security business ideas to user-friendly products.  You can also create prototypes to understand the benefits and value your product adds to relevant industries.  Your ideas that add value to any business will be supported by PurpleSynapz™ to file for Patents.  We can pair you up with mentors who can help bring your ideas to real life products.

In order to work in our Innovation Sandbox,
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We help propel your career to greater heights by providing opportunities to get placed.  PurpleSynapz™ and its parent company, QOS Technology is now partnered with several local organizations to offer you endless possibilities to land a great career.  This program is applicable for Tracks only and if you enroll now in any of our track courses, you will see your career transform.

Educational Loan support is available now for students who wish to take admission in PurpleSynapz ™ courses.ENROLL NOW