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Cybersecurity has a grave talent shortage impacting every small and large industry. The rise in cyber-attacks is bringing everyone’s attention of bridging this gap to counter unwanted intrusions and protect imperative information and assets. The talent shortage is not limited to any country or region, but the whole world is learning to grapple with skill shortage. Perhaps, it will take decades to fill the gap with the practice of age-old approach followed by industries and institutions. The lack of skills and experience can’t be smoothed over by reading a textbook or just attending online training modules with glittering titles, etc. The growth chart for cyber security industry is a logarithmic curve that is aggravating the skills deficit further and leading into a juicy target for the hackers. Furthermore, the tactics used by them are becoming more dynamic and lethal providing less scope for a novice talent to implement what they have learned in college to counter such attacks.

Purple Synapz™ sole existence is to mitigate the problem by working with the existing models of pedagogy and replacing it with a radical approach of curriculum supported with simulated cyberwarfare & simulations in the practical labs. You will experience a hyper-realistic environment where everyone gets an equal chance to practice real-life scenarios and hone their skills to combat any unwanted threat. We have set up these hyper-realistic environments by the virtue of Cyber Ranges, powered by QOS Technology (our parent company).  As a fresh college pass out or a working professional you will experience real attacks and learn tactics to combat as a cop with the mindset of an attacker. Our facilities simulate real network setup and attack scenarios enabling you to prepare for the challenges you may face during a real-life attack, using the similar tools & tactics used by the attackers on one aspect and the fine-tuning of the security controls required to mitigate the attack vectors.

Apart from this, we have set up a dedicated R&D lab set up to allow interested trainees to work closely with Industry’s leading experts to innovate new solutions and facilitating the filing of patents. Furthermore, we have partnered with many organizations to provide you ample chances of getting placed in a role of Cyber Security professional

Purple Synapz is backed by QOS Technology, Asia’s leading and award-winning Cyber Security company. Headquartered in Bangalore, QOS Technology provides services ranging from state-of-the-art project implementations, 24×7 support services, advanced penetration services and DDOS Simulations to Cyber Security & SOC consulting services that can handle the diverse needs of clients. At QOS, we are having a diverse experience in the field of security and network products.

We have developed few AI based in-house applications for Cyber Security. We focus on the continuous training of engineers through various programs facilitated by the institutes hosted in India, US, and Singapore,” Ramandeep Singh Walia, CEO, QOS Technology.

Apart from this, QOS advanced technical services come with endpoint security control evading procedures for lateral attack simulations & FUD. Depending on the maturity of security controls, QOS creates customizable relevant models for the simulation and penetration playbooks. 

Research Focus

As part of our curriculum, we provide opportunities for research-oriented students and professionals to work with our research team to innovate new solutions or improve existing ones to address the customers’ security objectives.  We also arm unrequited support to file patents and help you capitalize on it.  Apart from this, we have set up Innovation Sandbox to promote startup ecosystem and help enthusiastic individuals to realize their dream through mentorship, idea validation, pilot-testing, and unique platform to facilitate industry interactions for pitching and associations.

Our focus is on building the talent pool of security professionals, foster aspiring individuals to the journey of entrepreneurial ventures of developing solutions to solve cyber security problems or use cases.

Addressing Talent Needs

In the digital age, the increased demand for talented security professionals with more than one skill is at an all-time high with a scanty supply. However, companies are not always successful in finding the right talent, as the pace at which the industry is evolving, it’s difficult to address the growing needs owing talent acquisition.

A report from Frost & Sullivan and (ISC)2 found that the global cybersecurity workforce will have more than 1.5 million unfilled positions by 2020. In India alone, we will need 1 Million cyber security professionals by 2025 as per 2016 survey by NASSCOM”.

At Purple Synapz™’s we strive to build a pipeline of Cyber Security talent to bridge the gap between supply and demand through the industry relevant curriculum, hyper-realistic training labs, simulation labs, research & experienced mentors with a diverse experience working on a variety of customer security problems for Fortune 500 companies. Enroll now in any of our Courses and get ready to solve next big security problem.

Modern Cyber Ranges

A cyber range is a virtual environment that is used for cyber warfare training and cyber technology development. It provides tools that help strengthen the stability, security, and performance of cyber infrastructures and IT systems used by government and military agencies. Source: Techopedia

We have set up a unique and well-organized Cyber Range equipped with modern machinery to simulate real network-setup and attack scenarios to validate the readiness and training of the cybersecurity professionals.  These ranges are powered by QOS Technology (Parent Company).

Under this program, you will experience a hyper-realistic environment where everyone gets an equal chance to practice real-life scenarios and hone their skills to combat any unwanted threat.

With our years’ of experience in penetration testing, DDOS simulations, and Purple Team tactics, we have set up modern labs and developed real-life attack scenarios to accommodate any difficulty level – Basic, Intermediate and Expert.  Explore our Courses to choose the path which suits your interest and skillset. If you need help, feel free to Get In Touch

Enterprise Training

We are bringing a new paradigm in Information Security Research and Training.  Enroll your Team to beef up their knowledge and skillset for combatting any attack and ensuring better safety. 

Salient Features for Infosec Team Development:

  • Hyper-Realistic Environment: Train your Employees in a Hyper-Realistic Simulation Platform to prepare them for any unwanted attack.
  • Controlled Environment: Test your IT systems, infrastructure and security measures in a safe and controlled Range environment.
  • Receive Detailed Report: Your team will receive a quality score acting as a benchmark for the next activity and security preparedness once training is complete.
  • BYOSS – Bring your own Security Scenario: The special module has been designed to accommodate your organization’s specific security needs.
  • Purple Modules: We offer real-life training experience, enabling your team to solve challenges they will face in real life attack. Leverage the Power of Cyber Range.
  • Cyber Range: It’s a safe testbed to evaluate your architecture and tools and assess vulnerabilities.
  • World-class curriculum: Crafted by Industry’s leading Security Experts with more than 15 years of experience supported by the highly advanced lab.



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    Ramandeep Singh Walia

    CEO, QOS Technology

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    Ashok Sharma

    CTO, QOS Technology, and Program Director at PurpleSynapz

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    Varun Kumar

    VP of Professional Services, QOS Technology

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    Anindya Sen

    VP of Customer Strategy, QOS Technology

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