Course Description

There is a very important reason why this module is added in Purple Synapz. Please note that mankind has generated more digital data in last 2 years than all previous years combined together. The data which is considered not important till a few years ago has suddenly become precious. All this is possible due to advances in big data technologies. We can now process an unlimited amount of data using open source tools like Hadoop and Spark. For security professionals, it is very important to learn these new skills if they want to be relevant for next few years. All domains have impacted due to Big Data technologies and Cyber Security is no different. This course will teach you how to use big data technologies to answer some of the tough questions related to cyber security.

Program Benefits Description

This course will help you learn the latest skills in the job market. Almost all large companies are looking for smart big data engineers. When big data mixes with Cyber Security skills it becomes a formidable skill.

What'll you Learn?
  • Understand the fundamentals of Big Data technologies.
  • Learn how to install and configure Hadoop with 4 node cluster.
  • Learn how to dump real-time web server and firewall data on Hadoop cluster.
  • Learn how to write simple map reduce code.
  • Learn about Apache Spark.
  • Execute 2 projects based on big data and cyber security.
Course Pricing Description

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4 Modules Available

Module 1

Introduction to Big Data.

  • What is big data?
  • History of Big Data.
  • Fundamentals of Hadoop.
  • Ecosystem of Hadoop.


Module 2

Installation of Hadoop

  • How to install Hadoop on Ubuntu?
  • Create one master and 4 cluster node.
  • Fine tuning of Hadoop cluster.
  • Performance monitoring of Hadoop.


Module 3

Data import on Hadoop Cluster

  • Import simple text and csv files to Hadoop.
  • Send MySQL data to Hadoop cluster.

Map Reduce programs

  • Write simple map reduce programs to analyze large txt and csv files.
  • Write Python code to analyze Firewall logs from Check Point.


Module 4

Introduction to Apache Spark

  • Installation of Apache Spark on Ubuntu.
  • Integrating Apache Spark with Hadoop.
  • Introduction of MLib.

Introduction to emerging technologies in Big Data ecosystem.

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01 Can I attend only this course as an individual module?

Yes, this course is offered as an independent course.

02 What prior skills are required to attend this module?

There are no prior skills required to learn about Big Data fundamentals.

03 Will I be able to practice labs once I finish my course?

Yes, you will be provided with all necessary software and documents which will help you explore more about the topic.

04 How many hands-on labs will be there in this course?

Purple Synapz is all about understanding the concepts at very low level and therefore each topic will have their own hands-on labs exercises. Refer Course details for more information.