Course Description

We’re proud to partner with QOS Technology. Cyber Range is a simulation platform enabling organizations to establish and manage training and simulation centers for instructing and certifying cybersecurity experts. It delivers hyper-realistic training scenarios that dramatically improve cybersecurity team performance. The Range is also an effective testbed for assessing security tools and architecture in a safe and controlled environment.

Program Benefits Description

You will learn how real-world issues are handled by top security professionals. This course will provide much-needed confidence in tackling critical security problems while understanding how red skills and blue skills are required at the same time to better understand the security problem and mitigate risks.

What'll you Learn?

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Course Pricing Description

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01 I’m looking for additional information, Whom should i contact?

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02 Do you offer any Placement Assistance?

Yes, we have a dedicated department taking care of Placement related requirements.

03 Do you offer any online Training?

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04 What is the difference between Tracks, Topics and Certifications?

Tracks are long-term training programs designed for individuals or professionals who wish to pursue their career or excel in Cyber Security domain. These programs normally last for 4-6 months.

Topics are special short-term courses designed for working professionals who wish to learn a new skill or sharpen their existing skills in a very short period of time. Students can also enroll in such courses.

Currently, We offer only Check Point Certifications like CCSE and CCSA.


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