Course Description

This Ethical Hacking Course places you in attacker’s shoes enabling you to think like one. Compared to traditional ethical hacking courses this program provides a more realistic outlook and rich industry exposure to solving real-life challenges. It not only make you aware of their strategies/tricks/techniques to prevent yourself from becoming a bait; But also enriches you with a solid foundation to kickstart your Cyber Security career. This fast-paced Ethical Hacking training program is designed & developed by professionals who have years of experience working closely with Industry’s leading companies to solve complicated security problems they generally face.

How our Ethical Hacking Program is different than other hacking courses?

  • The only institution in India to offer Cyber Range as part of the Ethical Hacking course in Bangalore.
  • Free Access to Cyber Range – A Hyperrealistic Simulation Lab.
  • Free Access to Purple Range – Experience multiple real-life attack scenarios to sharpen your skills.
  • Free EC-Council study material and Exam Voucher that is valid for one year.
  • Free orientation sessions to demystify various technologies like Next-Generation Firewalls.
  • Apart from Red Team Skills, you will also get exposed to the defense side of security posture (Blue Team Skills).
  • Experience 10+ real-life attack scenarios to deeply test your concepts learned during the Program.
  • Placement Assistance.

What is Cyber Range?
It’s a virtual environment used for cyberwarfare training. A hyper-realistic simulation lab which enables trainees to fight real-life attacks in a safe and controlled environment.



Program Benefits Description

Discover India’s most advanced Ethical Hacking course that not only offers industry focus curriculum but also allows students to practice in a hyper-realistic training lab.

As part of the program, you have the opportunity to enjoy following benefits:

  • Up to date curriculum.
  • Free classes on Next-Generation Firewalls.
  • Placement Assistance.
  • Learn Red Team and Blue Team Skills.
  • Practice in India’s most advanced training lab.
  • Learn from Trainers who have hands-on experience solving the most complicating security problems.
  • Learn by fighting real-life attack scenarios in a controlled environment.


What'll you Learn?
  • Introduction to Ethical hacking.
  • Footprinting.
  • Enumeration and Scanning.
  • Web-Based password cracking.
  • Linux hacking.
  • SQL Injection.
  • Bufferflow attacks.
  • Hacking web servers.
  • Trojans and Backdoors.
  • Session Hijacking.
  • Hacking Wireless Networks.
  • Cryptography.


The whole world including India is facing a ‘chronic shortage’ of skilled cybersecurity professionals. We aim at building the pipeline of cybersecurity talent in India. The traditional training programs (Including Ethical Hacking) never expose students to the real-life setup and Technologies like Next-Generation Firewalls which is actually a backbone for any security setup. Teaching hacking without considering these technologies is like practicing football without a goalkeeper. We aim at equipping students with the right security skills by offering most advanced Ethical Hacking course which not only includes free classes on Firewalls but also allows to practice and learn in Cyber Range.

Ashok Sharma (Program Director at PurpleSynapz)

Course Pricing Description

To know more about the Ethical Hacking Course Fees, just fill the form. One of our representatives will get back to you with the requested information.


5 Modules Available

Module 1

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • Introduction to Red teaming essentials
  • Internet is Integral Part of Business and Personal Life – What Happens Online in 60 Seconds
  • Information Security Overview
  • Information Security Threats and Attack Vectors
  • Hacking Concepts, Types, and Phases
  • Ethical Hacking Concepts and Scope
  • Information Security Controls
  • Physical Security
  • Incident Management
  • What is Vulnerability Assessment?
  • Penetration Testing
  • Information Security Laws and Standards

Footprinting and Reconnaissance

  • Footprinting Concepts
  • Footprinting Methodology
  • Footprinting Tools
  • Footprinting Countermeasures

Scanning Networks

  • Overview of Network Scanning
  • Scanning Methodologies
  • Scan for Vulnerability
  • Introduction to Anonymizers and Proxies.
  • Countermeasures


  • Understanding Enumeration concepts
  • Techniques for NetBIOS Enumeration
  • Techniques for SNMP Enumeration
  • Techniques for LDAP Enumeration
  • Techniques for NTP Enumeration
  • Techniques for SMTP Enumeration
  • Techniques for DNS Enumeration
  • Enumeration  Countermeasures

Social Engineering

  • Social Engineering Concepts
  • Social Engineering Techniques
  • Impersonation on Social Networking Sites
  • Identity Theft
  • Social Engineering Countermeasures


  • Information gathering using web data extractor.
  • Installing VirtualBox.
  • Installing Kali Linux.
  • Installing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
  • Using NMAP in Kali Linux and port scanning.
  • Using Nessus vulnerability scanner
  • Using global network inventory.
  • Using SET toolkit.

Module 2

System Hijacking

  • Information at Hand Before System Hacking Stage
  • System Hacking: Goals
  • Hacking Methodology (CHM)
  • System Hacking Steps
  • Hiding Files
  • Covering Tracks

Malware Threats

  • Introduction to Malware
  • Trojan Concepts
  • Types of Trojans
  • Virus and Worms Concepts
  • Malware Reverse Engineering
  • Countermeasures
  • Anti-Malware Software


System Hacking

  • Password recovery using various tools.
  • Hacking Windows 8.1 using Metasploit and post-exploitation.

Malware threats

  • njRAT
  • Creating worms and viruses.

Module 3


  • Sniffing Concepts
  • MAC Attacks
  • DHCP Attacks
  • ARP Poisoning
  • Spoofing Attack
  • DNS Poisoning
  • Sniffing Tools
  • Sniffing Tool: Wireshark
  • Follow TCP Stream in Wireshark
  • Display Filters in Wireshark
  • Additional Wireshark Filters
  • Packet Sniffing Tool: Capsa Network Analyzer
  • Network Packet Analyzer
  • Counter measures
  • Sniffing Detection

Web server Hacking

  • Understanding web server Concepts
  • Understanding web server Attacks
  • Understanding web server Attack Methodology
  • Web Server Attack Tools
  • Countermeasures against Web Server Attacks
  • Overview of patch Management
  • Web Server Security Tools

Hacking Wireless networks

  • Wireless Concepts
  • Wireless Encryption Algorithms
  • Wireless Threats
  • Wireless hacking Methodology
  • Wireless hacking Tools
  • Bluetooth Hacking Techniques
  • Wireless Hacking Countermeasures
  • Wireless Security Tools

Hacking Mobile platforms

  • Mobile Platform Attack vectors
  • Android Threats and Attacks
  • ios Threats and Attack
  • Mobile Device Management(MDM)
  • Mobile Security Guidelines and Security Tools



  • tcpdump, wireshark.
  • Man-In-The-Middle attack

Hacking web servers

  • ID serve
  • Exploiting Java Vulnerability using Metasploit Framework
  • FTP server hacking
Hacking mobile Platforms.
  • Wi-Fi Hacking
  • Android Exploitation

You will also experience other advanced Purple Range and Cyber Range attack scenarios in our hyper-realistic simulation lab.


Purple Range

  • Basic SQLi + Local File Inclusion
  • WebShell Upload through SQLi, Privilege Escalation
  • SQLi through Cookies
  • SQLi Bypassing Filters
  • SQLi, Command Injection & Privilege Escalation

Cyber Range

This is where the real fun lies. You will apply the concepts learned in previous modules to stop the most deadly attacks organizations normally face in a simulated environment. We’re the only Institution in India who offer this module as part of the Ethical Hacking Program. Few of the attacks which you’ll learn fighting are given below:

  • SQL Injection.
  • Apache Shutdown Scenario.
  • Web Defacement.
  • Trojan Data Leakage.



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01 Can I attend only this course as an individual module?

Yes. This module is offered as an independent course. Click here to Register.

02 What prior skills are required to attend this module?

A basic understanding of Networking Fundamentals and Linux Administration would suffice.

03 Will I be able to practice labs once I finish my course?

Yes, you will be provided with all necessary software and documents which will help you explore more about the topic.

04 How many hands-on labs will be there in this course?

Purple Synapz is all about understanding the concepts at very low level and therefore each topic will have their own hands-on labs exercises. Refer Course details for more information.