Course Description

PurpleSynapz offers a hands-on Incident & Response training program that equips security professionals with the right skill-set and knowledge necessary to identify, contain, and mitigate security incidents. The five days course covers all essential information and tools modern incident responders use to stay ahead of attacks and hackers.

Program Benefits Description

The program offers multiple benefits to IT security professionals:

  • Exposure to Cyber Range and Purple Range
  • Learn Red and Blue Skills
  • Learn from experienced trainers
  • Pure hands-on training
  • Get Certificate of completion from PurpleSynapz
What'll you Learn?

After successful completion of the course, you’ll learn all ins and outs of incident response and tools of the trade used by experts all around the world to stay ahead of attacks by learning and understanding how systems are compromised and what tactics/vectors hackers use to intrude into the system.

After completing the Incident & Response Course, you will get enough skills and knowledge to:

  • Learn modern tools and techniques of Incident & Response
  • Learn how to perform a Vulnerability assessment.
  • Learn how to use Wireshark for packet analysis and inspection.
  • Fight real-life attacks.
  • Analyze the Cyber Kill Chain and make necessary recommendations for better preparedness and defense.


Course Pricing Description

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1 Modules Available

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  • Participants will be introduced to Cyber Range and provided them with real-world attacks so as to make them experience how a real-world attack can cause serious damage to an entire organization. Following scenarios will be provided to them to participate and experience the security attack.
    • SQL Injection
    • Web Defacement
    • DDoS Attack
  • Introduction to Deep packet analysis using Wireshark.
  • How to capture packets at various points?
  • How to install and read packets in Wireshark tool?
  • How to find Geolocation of IP addresses from captured packets?
  • Understand how popular protocols like, HTTP, DNS, HTTPS, ARP, and FTP looks under the lens of Wireshark.

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02 Do you offer any Placement Assistance?

Yes, we have a dedicated department taking care of Placement related requirements.

03 Do you offer any online Training?

Yes, we offer both online as well as classroom-based training programs, write to [email protected] for more information.

04 What is the difference between Tracks, Topics and Certifications?

Tracks are long-term training programs designed for individuals or professionals who wish to pursue their career or excel in Cyber Security domain. These programs normally last for 4-6 months.

Topics are special short-term courses designed for working professionals who wish to learn a new skill or sharpen their existing skills in a very short period of time. Students can also enroll in such courses.

Currently, We offer only Check Point Certifications like CCSE and CCSA.


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