Course Description

It is important to note that any server which is soon going to be in production (live) or already serving customers has to be tested thoroughly for any security loopholes. Imagine the server is not updated by the critical patch released by your Operating system vendor a few days back. Now this server can be exploited by anyone who has access to it. Vulnerability assessment is filed where one tries to find all possible vulnerabilities on a given server or network and share recommendations for fixing those vulnerabilities. Penetration testing is all about performing the real attacks to see whether security systems are full proof as designed and deployed by a security team. To become best at Penetration Testing, it is also advisable to enroll for Ethical Hacking Course to sharpen your security skills.

Program Benefits Description

This program helps you find a lucrative job in VAPT domain. You will be exposed to best practices followed by top companies to secure their IT assets. This course will teach you really cool tools that are used by thousands of security practitioners across the world.

What'll you Learn?
  • Introduction to VAPT.
  • Introduction to cyber kill chain.
  • Introduction to Metasploit.
  • Tools required to perform vulnerability assessments.
  • How to create assessment reports?
  • Types of penetration testing. Black, white & Grey testing.
  • How malware, trojan horses, ransomware are created and used?
  • How hackers hide their identity?
  • Distributed denial of service attacks.
  • Phishing attacks.
  • Social engineering.
  • Man in middle attacks.
Course Pricing Description

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4 Modules Available

Module 1

Applied/Hands-On Information Gathering


  • Google Search Operators
  • Shodan/Google Dorks
  • Metadata Extraction

Staring with VAPT:

  • Approach: Security is a Game
  • Cyber Kill Chain
  • Social Engineering & Phishing
  • Initiating Weaponization phase
  • How hackers hide their identity?
  • Beginning Reporting


  • Hands-on Reconnaissance challenges
  • Practical Phishing, weaponizing, hiding identity, reporting

Module 2

Breaking through the Perimeter

Approaching through Web Applications VAPT:

  • Web Application Basics
  • Injection Attacks
  • Exploiting Redirect vulnerability

Approaching through Network VAPT:

  • Hands-On Advanced Scanning
  • Enumeration
  • Endpoint VAPT
  • Bruteforcing Attacks


  • Practical Injection Attacks Exploitation
  • Practical Scanning, Enumeration, Bruteforcing & Endpoint exploitation

Module 3

Lateral Movement

Advancing through Network VAPT:

  • Post-Exploitation
  • Privilege escalation
  • Pivoting
  • Anti-virus Evasion Concepts

Advanced Web Application VAPT:

  • Exploiting File Inclusion & Upload vulnerability
  • CSRF


  • Practical Post-Exploitation, Privilege escalation & Pivoting
  • Exploiting File Upload Vulnerability.


Module 4

Advanced Exploitation Tactics [Will vary as per proficiency & need of audience]

  • Programming Languages & Frameworks(including advanced Metasploit)  for VAPT
  • Distributed Denial of service attacks
  • Updated Overview [Ex. Current OWASP Top 10], Latest popular tools
  • Buffer Overflow Attack & exploitation
  • Accomplishing Reporting


  • Leveraging Programming Languages & frameworks for VAPT

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01 What prior skills are required to attend this module?

A basic understanding of Networking Fundamentals and Linux Administration would suffice.

02 Will I be able to practice labs once I finish my course?

Yes, you will be provided with all necessary software and documents which will help you explore more about the topic.

03 How many hands-on labs will be there in this course?

Purple Synapz is all about understanding the concepts at very low level and therefore each topic will have their own hands-on labs exercises. Refer Course details for more information.

04 Can I attend this course as an individual module?

Yes, this course is offered as an independent course. For additional information, talk to our Support Team.