Course Description

This module is QOS Technology’s proprietary module. We are into security business for almost 7 years and our Co-founders are working in IT security domain for more than 18 years now. We have developed a 100 percent hands-on lab-based course to teach real-world problems and how they should be solved, and incorporated our 18 years of experience in shaping this module. You will use many of the tools learned under PurpleSynapz™ course curriculum simultaneously. This is a high-end course which is offered to those who already have significant experience working in IT security domain for at least 4 years. If you are a student of any of our training tracks then you automatically qualify for this module.

Program Benefits Description

You will learn how real-world issues are handled by top security professionals. This course will give much-needed confidence in tackling critical security problems while understanding how red skills and blue skills are required at the same time to better understand the security problem and mitigate risks.

What'll you Learn?

This is our secret sauce and we want to keep it confidential for few more months. Essentially you will use almost all the tools you have learned during any of our tracks simultaneously to understand and mitigate a cyber security problem. This course is 100% hand-on course. We will take you through 15 real-world use cases and teach you how one should approach a security problem.

Course Pricing Description

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01 What prior skills are required to attend this module?

You are expected to know Fundamentals of Networking, Firewalls, Wireshark, Windows/Linux and Ethical Hacking skills.

02 Will I be able to practice labs once I finish my course?

Yes, you will be provided with all necessary software and documents which will help you explore more about the topic.

03 How many hands-on labs will be there in this course?

Purple Synapz is all about understanding the concepts at very low level and therefore each topic will have their own hands-on labs exercises. Refer Course details for more information.

04 Can I attend this course as an individual module?

Yes, this course is offered as an independent course. For additional information, talk to our Support Team.