Course Description

With this advanced course, you will get deeper insights into the packets and a better understanding of advanced topics such as Time Zones, Timestamps, Following TCP Streams, Checksum, and Name resolutions. After the completion of this course, you will better understanding of packet level concepts which a normal 5+ years of experience network engineer would have accumulated over a period of time.

Program Benefits Description

You are ready to capture, analyze and report any kind of given traffic. You can perform deep inspection of traffic to find out some really interesting information in the packets which you have captured on a given network. You will be able to explain concepts of TCP/IP and OSI model to any person in very detailed fashion. Remember that this course will make your TCP/IP packet level concepts so strong that you will excel in your network security profile.

What'll you Learn?

You will learn about some really advanced topics such as Following TCP Steam, Time Zones, Packet Reassembling, Name resolution and Check Sums. For more details please have a look at our detailed course description.

Course Pricing Description

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7 Modules Available

Module 1

Quick Revision on Wireshark Basics

Module 2

Key Functions for Use Within Wireshark

  • Protocols and port filtering
  • DHCP communications
  • DNS process
  • Demonstrating How Credentials Can Be Stolen Over Insecure Networks


When client and server are exchanging files in HTTP and FTP protocol, show how you can recreate the original file from captured packets.

  • How to extract images that have been exchanged between client and server?
  • How to extract data and login credential when they use FTP Protocol to access data?

Module 3

TCP Streaming and Flow of TCP Packets

  • TCP Stream
  • Expert info
  • Endpoint TCP Connections
  • Cipher Suit


  • Follow TCP streams

Module 4

Analyse VoIP traffic

  • Analysing VoIP Traffic
  • See flow of traffic


  • Playing stream

Module 5

Remote Capture

  • How to capture remote traffic?
  • Save remote traffic
  • Analyse remote traffic


  • Remote Capture

Module 6

Network scanning using Wireshark

  • How to find that our network was scanned?
  • Type of scanning.


  • Nmap scanning

Module 7

Introduction to Trace Wrangler

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01 Will I be provided sample packets to learn the concepts at my own place and speed?

Yes, all the sample files will be shared with every participant. In fact, students will be able to start capturing their own packets and start analyzing the same after they complete the course.

02 How many hands-on labs will be there in this course?

Purple Synapz is all about understanding the concepts at very low level and therefore each topic will have their own hands-on labs exercises. Refer Course details for more information.

03 Q: Can I attend this course as an individual module?

No, at this moment this course is not offered as an individual course.

04 What prior skills are required to attend this module?

Basic understanding of TCP/IP and OSI layers along with basic understanding of IP addressing will be good to qualify for this course.